Call for Paper


Ceramic and Composite Materials
Green Nano Materials
Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control
Simulation, Modeling and Control of Smart Materials
Smart Bio-Materials
Dynamic Behaviour of Materials
Advanced Materials for Smart Batteries
Polymer-Based Smart Materials
Phase-Change and High Temperature Materials
Advanced Materials for a Smart Automotive and Energy Applications
Advanced Device Materials


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Materials
Nano Materials for Sustainability
Nano Particles and Nano Electronics
Smart Materials for Sewage Treatment
Advanced Materials in Waste and Pollution Management
Renewable Energy Materials
Smart Biological Materials in Clinical Design
Bio-Inspired and Biomimetic Smart Materials
Solar Cell Materials for Smart Energy Harvesting
Behavioural Properties and Material Characterization


Smart Materials to Assist Human Process
Advanced Materials for Drug-Delivery Process
Structural Monitoring Technologies
Smart Materials in Pharmaceutical Applications
Smart Materials to Maintain Ecological Sustainability
Smart Materials in Aerospace Applications
Application of Smart Materials in Manufacturing Industries
Smart Photonic Materials and Devices
Smart Material Fabrication and its Uses
Novel Applications of Sustainable Materials