This conference provides a platform for researchers, scientists, engineers, and industry professionals to exchange ideas, share latest advancements, and foster collaborations in the field of smart sustainable materials and technologies for electronic devices.

Track - 1

Sustainable Materials for Electronics
  1. Two-Dimensional Materials for High-Performance, Low-Power Electronics
  2. Perovskite-Based Photovoltaics for Sustainable Energy Harvesting
  3. Organic Electronics for Biodegradable and Flexible Devices
  4. Memristive Materials for Neuromorphic Computing and Low-Power Devices
  5. Nanomaterials for Energy Storage
  6. Spintronics Materials for Energy-Efficient Information Processing
  7. Sustainable and Recyclable Materials for Electronic Devices
  8. Quantum Dots and Nanocrystals

Track - 2

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing of Electronics
  1. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Design for Sustainability
  2. Digital Twin-Based Design for Energy-Efficient Electronics
  3. Low-Power Electronics Design Techniques
  4. Energy Harvesting Structures for Autonomous and Self-powered Electronics
  5. Intelligent Battery Management Systems for Extended Battery Life
  6. Power-Efficient LED Lighting Systems
  7. Smart Power Management Systems for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  8. Energy-Efficient Processors and Chips

Track - 3

Smart Materials for Environmental Applications
  1. Smart Sensors for Air and Water Quality Monitoring
  2. Smart Materials for Sustainable Waste Management
  3. Photocatalytic Materials for Water Treatment and Wastewater Purification
  4. Bio-inspired Smart Materials for Environmental Remediation
  5. Smart Materials for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production
  6. Smart Materials for Energy-Efficient Buildings and Construction
  7. Self-Healing and Recyclable Smart Materials for Sustainability
  8. Smart Materials for Environmental Monitoring and Data Acquisition